RV GPSs come with many features and settings which are helpful in your journey. Common observation is that the drivers tend to adjust their devices while driving. It’s also been reported that one out of every four car accidents happens because the driver was found to use a cell phone. So, make sure that while driving an RV your entire focus is on the road. Only a fraction of distraction is enough for a disaster to happen on the road and to change your life forever. These are some the safety tips for you to have a memorable RV trip using GPS

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Adjust the unit before the journey

When you purchase RV GPS navigator, first thing to do is to read the manual and adjust the unit according to your need. As a first step, update the latest software and maps. Don’t explore the device while driving but explore the places you are travelling through. Get a hang of it well in advance. Else, you will end up driving some extra miles, taking a wrong route or running into dead-ends, if you are not well-versed with the GPS.


Mount the GPS in a visible place

GPS is meant to provide navigational guidance and suggestions. So, it should not be held in hand or placed at a location where it is difficult to follow its instructions. To get maximum help from this gadget,  you should fix it on a secure place on the dashboard.


Get it charged

Your GPS needs power to operate and it can be through the chargeable batteries or power connectivity with your RV’s power system. Make sure that either the batteries are fully charged or the GPS is properly connected. You will not appreciate it to leave you at some unknown crossroads clueless about the next road to follow  


Get the help of your companions

It is not advisable to blindly follow the GPS instructions. Sometimes the maps you download on your device might not be up-to-date. So always take help of your companion to keep an eye on the road and the signboards, to reach your destination well in time. Moreover, a company while driving will make the trip more enjoyable.
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If you have planned to use an RV GPS as your navigational device, these these are a few suggestions that will help you to have a safe and sound journey.

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