The United States is one of the most prominent places to set out for a road trip. Credit goes to the hundreds of scenic and beautiful routes across the country, which are a feast to the eyes and the moods whoever travels by them. These amazing spots of America are as picturesque as a painting on the wall.


epi1Blue Ridge Parkway: It is considerably one of the most iconic drives of South America. The presence of hiking trails and historic sites make the road trips more enjoyable. It stretches from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Along the road you can stop by at various spots of activities that include wildlife watching and camping.


Gorge Hiway.tif

Columbia River Highway: Since it became the first paved road in the northwest in 1915, it has become very scenic and profound for its travelers. People often quote this as the first scenic highway of the states. Along the highway there are waterfalls that appear in rainy seasons, vast spreads of wildflower in summer and many awe inspiring views all year long.


epi3Florida Overseas Highway: This 106 mile long segment of US offers some quite amazing waterside views. After its renovation in 1980’s Florida Overseas Highway gained a lot of popularity in America. The main attraction of this route is the Seven Mile Bridge due to which it is considered to be a modern engineering masterpiece.


Route 66: The historic route 66 touches some parts of Kansas. It has a very evident history about its bypass that makes it a famous tourist destination. People flock to this road of historic significance to revisit the nation’s glorious past. Today in the state of Illinois there exist many museums and roadside attractions. It’s a fact that Illinois became the first state to boast of having Route 66 paved lengthwise ends to end. It truly exemplifies the ideas of hope, freedom and migration.


Kancamagus Highway: It is a 34.5 mile long byway, passing through the middle of the scenic White Mountain National Forest. The area is known for its vegetation that consists of highly exquisite foliage. It is a perfect route for nature enthusiasts. You get to see many different varieties of plant life in this secluded and untouched ecosystem. You need to be ready beforehand as you will not be able to find any gas station or an eatery to stop by in the area.


Pacific Coast Highway: Laid in the state of California, this route is personally my favorite. The presence of cliffs and mountainous rock formation along the Pacific coast makes it breathtaking. There might be some hidden dangers as well. Due to frequent mudslides one must take necessary action like weather report check and carrying the right gear before passing through this highway.

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