If you are packing and preparing for an RV camping trip, always remember that space is important and you must plan accordingly. There are items that families consider to be necessary for traveling such as your RV GPS Units but an RV camping vacation is different because certain things must be left behind for your own comfort. Over-packing your RV with the unimportant and excessive items is considered a big problem.  RV camping

It is never a great idea to over-pack the RV with unnecessary items and overload it. Overloading will slow down your excursion and limits your movement inside the RV too. While going on a trip, you can leave the following items at home.


  • Leave your luxurious cooking items and gourmet food preparation gear at home when you are loading your RV. Bulky and heavy components are not important in your trip. Your main concern must be how to get clean water to wash the dishes and how to clean yourself up. You also have to avoid bringing pointed appliances.
  • Instead of stocking the cabinets and fridge of the RV withRV groceries foods, why don’t you plan out each individual meal that your party will consume throughout the duration of your trip? It is true that canned food is an advantage, but buying too many of them can be very expensive.
  • RV campers should prefer to leave the bundle of firewood at home because it is one of the biggest space hangers on a camping trip. Wood is very affordable and you can find it on the way along the roadside. Estimate your needs in terms of a campfire.
  • You have to avoid extra components attached behind your RV. This will reduce the aerodynamic efficiency of the RV and increase the travel time.
  • Leave your work laptop at home along with the other not so important work-related gadgets that you will not be able to use when you are on an RV camping trip. Bringing your laptop while on an RV trip with your family is not a good idea. Leave your work at home and enjoy the company of your family and friends. It will more devastating if you lose your laptop or get it damaged on the way.
  • Sometimes you cannot say no to a talkative friend or grumpy relative, to travel along with you. But it is you, who have to decide whether you want to make your weekend a memorable one or not.
  • I always read reviews before buying one. This helps me to save money and time.

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