Planning for another RV trip? Is the travelling bug in you does not let you stay in the house? But, do you have the essential gadgets for a long RV trip? No?. Well, before you lock your house and move out for RVing, consider these gadgets that are essential or might be helpful to ease your journey.rv accesories

Spot Trace GPS Tracker: While RVing, you are carrying your entire house on the road. You might say that’s the fun part, but in fact you are vulnerable to thefts. SPOT trace GPS tracker allows you to monitor your RV. Get this gadget to keep you safe from such threats.

RV storage Locks: Most class A, B and C RV vehicles use the same CH751 or ES201 key for their storage compartments. Let’s hope most of the RVs are trustworthy but still somebody having little knowledge might steal your stuff while RV is parked when you are camping in the forest. To get rid of this problem, change your security locks from default to new ones.

Smart RV: This is another essential tool your RV should have. A small electronic device that tracks your RV moment, battery levels and shares trip info with your friends. With its trip journal feature, you can share your trip with Facebook friends and other RV users.

Solar Panels: Well, use of the solar panel makes you extra smart in terms of energy efficiency.RV solar You can harness the power of the sun to your batteries. Solar Panel can vary from a tiny size to large 4 panels 1000 watt system. If you want to run basic electric appliances or devices like lights, fan or laptop, 100 watts of solar panel is sufficient for this need.

LED Lights: Most RVs have halogen bulb inside, LED lights can be used instead which consume 90% less energy. LED bulbs release less heat, are long lasting and more resistant to vibration. Also, LEDs are cool to touch.

AC/DC Universal Laptop Charger: A universal charger allows you to plug into AC as well as DC power. DC power is good because while driving you can use inverter instead of house battery to charge your laptop. Also, 12 volt DC charger consume less power than inverted 120 volts and allows your laptop to run little longer.

RV water heater Tank Rinser: This tool helps you to clean your RV water heater and give life to it.

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There are plenty of other gadgets available like Kindle Tablet, Soda Stream, RV outdoor Mats, dog tracker, Mini washing Machine, RV toilet, premium first aid kit, WIFI extender Tire Pressure Monitor. You can carry them as per your needs.

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